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                Product Catagories

                Advanced manufacturing intimate service forever innovation to create every product and demand you need!

                About us

                       Established in 2006 Fuzhou HuiKaiHua Arts& Crafts Co.,Ltd was developed from Fuzhou Huihua Technological Factory,which set up in early 1998. As a professional manunfacturer and exporter of paper crafts, fabric crafts and other art products, HKH has integrated design,production, marketing to world market. 90% of our products export worldwide. We are Located in Fuzhou City, with convenient transportation access. Now have over 100 employees, Covering 11000 square meters working area, well-equipped modern facilities and strict 6S production management. Besides, BSCI, ISO9001,SEDEX etc certificates get by our company as well.

                      “Taking care of each product” is our faith. HKH is devoted to provide high quality crafts for your elegant life. Because of the firm belief, we gain a lot great reputation from our customers. And now , we are looking forward to your confirm on our service.

                Company News
                Industry Trends
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                  The Canton Fair

                  The Canton Fair is a trade fair that has been held in spring and autumn seasons each year since 1957 in Guangzhou. We have continuously attended many sessions of the Canton fair.

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                  We Are Family

                  Company annual meeting, company team tourism activities,outdoor expand training and staff birthday celebration.

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                  Our production line

                  Our production line and packing line

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                  Our Certificates

                  Our Certificates